Saturday, December 24, 2005

New Wave Podcast Songs show #14

And to finish up this 80's New Wave Marathon of Podcasts. This Podcast Feature My all time favorite Xmas of all time. Its of Course Christmas at Ground Zero By Weird Al Yankovic. From his Album Polka Party! from 1986!

Christmas at Ground Zero Podcast

What an Better way to wish everyone and Happy Festivus and Happy New Year!!!! See you next Year And New Wave Music Will Never Die!!

New Wave Podcast Songs show #13

This time is this 80's New Wave podcast feature is song from Cactus World News Album Urban Beaches

Cashen Bay Strand - The Bridge (Original EP Version) - he Other Extreme (Original EP Version) - Worlds Apart [12-inch Version)

Cactus World News Podcast

Cactus World News official Website

From All music Guide website.

The Irish band Cactus World News received a boost from one of their compatriots before they even recorded their first album. In 1985, the group sent a demo tape to Bono of U2 and he promptly brought the band into the studio to record their EP The Bridge. Formed in Dublin, Ireland, Cactus World News would've received comparisons to U2 even without Bono's connection with the group. Eoin McEvoy's moody, passionate vocals and Frank Kearns... Read More...

New Wave Podcast Songs show #12

This time around its this podcast feature sellections from Crispy Ambulance

are you ready - travel time - simon's ghost

Crispy Ambulance Podcast

From Allmusic Guide Website.

Inspired after witnessing gigs by the Sex Pistols and Magazine, vocalist Alan Hempsall formed Crispy Ambulance with guitarist Robert Davenport, bassist Keith Darbyshire, and drummer Gary Madeley. After several shows, including a support slot for Joy Division, they recorded their first single and contacted labels such as Rough Trade and Factory, only to be turned down. Upset but resourceful, the band released it on their own Aural Assault imprint. ... Read More...

The Offical Crispy Ambumance Website

Thursday, December 22, 2005

New Wave Podcast Songs show #11

This 80's mini eps New Wave Podcast feature two songs from The Power Station Reissued 2005 album.

Someday, Somehow, Someone's Gotta Pay and Communication (Long Remix)

The Power Station Podcast

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

New Wave Podcast Video showTest

This postings for the testing for video vidcast.

The video for this test is cheesy commercial for Musicland from 1983. Yes Kids there was a time in the 80's when we have to goto the mall to buy music! There were no Napster, P2P Network, BiTtorrent,, Itunes

And yes the video is encoded badly. I did not encoded this. I found it on soulseek as usual.

commercial - musicland (very 1983, but cool).mpg

Friday, December 16, 2005

New Wave Podcast Songs show #10

This Weeks Podcast Feature Selection from Arcadia's Heaven's Eyes 12" Remix Album.

Arcadia Podcast

Say The Word (Extended Remix) - Rose Arcana (Full Version) - The Promise (Extended Mix) - The Flame (Extended Remix)

And Don't worry about the lack of missing getting your fill of my Weekly 80's New Wave Podcasts. I Promise There will be about five more of these coming to a RSS feeder near you in the next couple of days.