Friday, July 28, 2006

Modern Eon Full LP

Like the better-known Teardrop Explodes and Echo & the Bunnymen, the post-punk band Modern Eon was based in Liverpool, England. Fitting somewhere between the odd rhythms and textured turmoil of the Comsat Angels and the aggressive side of Sad Lovers and Giants, the band released only one studio LP, 1981's excellent Fiction Tales. Alix Plain (Alex Johnson) and Danny Hampson started the group in the late '70s, initially calling their band Luglo Slugs. After two more name changes, they became Modern Eon and made their recorded debut in 1978 on Street to Street: A Liverpool Album. A handful of singles for labels like Inevitable, DinDisc, and their own Eon predated Fiction Tales... Read More...

Modern Eon Full LP

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New Wave Podcast Songs 28A - Artifact

The group was formed around Maurice G. Dantec founder, Jean Ternisien, Marc Azou and some buddies of college of the Parisian suburbs. Initially named emergency States, the quartet quickly changed its name into Artifact.

Several sessions studio, many pieces evolving/moving of punk basic with a music more experimental than some brought closer Pop Group, mixing funk, pop, punk and new wave, an experimental film (Crash landing) inspired by J.G. Ballard were born between 1977 and 1980.

It is only into 1981 that leaves the first and single album of the group, Agit' Pop, preceded by the 45 turns and its maximum, M.A.E.

Victim of internal tensions, the group dissolves then.

Official site of the Artifact group

Song 1


New Wave Podcast Songs 28B - Artifact

Song 2

Sex computer.mp3

New Wave Podcast Songs 28C - Artifact

Song 3


New Wave Podcast Songs 27C - 1000 Mexicans

Song Three

Under construction.mp3

New Wave Podcast Songs 27B - 1000 Mexicans

Song 2

Diving for pearls.mp3

New Wave Podcast Songs 27A - 1000 Mexicans

The Totally Gay MinuteMen Project did not stop 1000 Mexicans to be features in this New Wave Podcasts.

1000 Mexicans were one of the most innovative and creative independent bands of the 1980s, combining quality pop songwriting and rhythmic and harmonic richness with their unique touches of experimentalism and eccentricity.

Described by one journalist as "the musical equivalent of the 70s Dutch team with their total football", the trio of Julian Griffin, Michael Harding and Andrew Hobday exchanged vocal and instrumental duties at the drop of a sombrero, "mixing melody and mayhem in equal measure."

Song 1

The art of love.mp3