Sunday, August 27, 2006

Jimmy Jimmy Here In The Light LP

Jimmy Jimmy was a short-lived pop band during the mid 1980s. They released one LP entitled "Here In The Light" in 1986 on CBS Records and a few singles including "I Met Her In Paris" and "Silence". The band members were James O'Neill and Jimmy Kemp.

Jimmy Jimmy Here In The Light LP

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Don't Download This Song Says Weird Al

Don't Download This Song Says Weird Al

Not long ago Weird Al let it be known that the very record industry that says it is out to search and destroy file sharing so artists like him would get paid, has failed to pay him a fair revenue generated from his music on iTunes. "THE RECORDING industry is using online sales to screw artists for more cash" the Inquirer quoted Al. Now Al is striking back in the way he knows best...

Al's latest song titled "Don't Download This Song" is now available - as a free MP3 download. Posted on his MySpace site the parody's title sounds like a plea to file sharers, but in reality it is a savvy shot against the record industry.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Pink Industry - New Naked Technology -Full Album

For all intents and purposes, Pink Industry was a duo of former Pink Military leader/vocalist Jayne Casey (also formerly of Big in Japan) and bassist/keyboardist Ambrose Reynolds (Frankie Goes to Hollywood). Other contributors came and left with frequency. Continuing in the path that Pink Military was headed during their brief existence, Casey and Ambrose's group combined the "anything goes" spirit of post-punk with further use of experimental electronics. Signed to Zulu, they debuted in 1982 with the Forty-Five EP. The LPs Low Technology and Who Told You, You Were Naked were released the following year. Two years passed before New Beginnings, which proved to be their final work together. A series of retrospective packages followed throughout the late '80s and '90s; a self-titled released on Cathexis got the ball rolling in 1988, followed by 1990's Retrospective on Parade Amoureuse and 1995's New Naked Technologies on Cri Du Chat Disques.

pink industry - new naked technology.rar

Basking Sharks - Shark Island Full LP

Basking Sharks - Shark Island Full LP

Monday, August 07, 2006

New Wave Podcast 29A - Mame Invades New Wave Podcast

This week New Wave Podcast Features LP Buckner & Garcia - Pac-Man Fever From 1982 In Celebration of the long awaited Mame32 0.107!

Buckner & Garcia are the duo of Jerry Buckner and Gary Garcia. In 1982 they released the novelty album Pac-Man Fever, consisting entirely of songs about arcade video games. The title track became a #8 hit in the United States.

Song 1:

Froggy's Lament.mp3

New Wave Podcast 29B - Mame Invades New Wave Podcast

Song 2:

Do The Donkey Kong.mp3

New Wave Podcast 29C - Mame Invades New Wave Podcast

Song 3:

Goin' Berzerk.mp3

New Wave Podcast 29D - Mame Invades New Wave Podcast

Song 4:


New Wave Podcast 29E - Mame Invades New Wave Podcast

Song 5:


New Wave Podcast 29F - Mame Invades New Wave Podcast

Song 6:

Ode To A Centipede.mp3

New Wave Podcast 29G - Mame Invades New Wave Podcast

Song 7:

Pac-Man Fever.mp3

New Wave Podcast 29H - Mame Invades New Wave Podcast

Song 8:

The Defender.mp3

Friday, July 28, 2006

Modern Eon Full LP

Like the better-known Teardrop Explodes and Echo & the Bunnymen, the post-punk band Modern Eon was based in Liverpool, England. Fitting somewhere between the odd rhythms and textured turmoil of the Comsat Angels and the aggressive side of Sad Lovers and Giants, the band released only one studio LP, 1981's excellent Fiction Tales. Alix Plain (Alex Johnson) and Danny Hampson started the group in the late '70s, initially calling their band Luglo Slugs. After two more name changes, they became Modern Eon and made their recorded debut in 1978 on Street to Street: A Liverpool Album. A handful of singles for labels like Inevitable, DinDisc, and their own Eon predated Fiction Tales... Read More...

Modern Eon Full LP

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New Wave Podcast Songs 28A - Artifact

The group was formed around Maurice G. Dantec founder, Jean Ternisien, Marc Azou and some buddies of college of the Parisian suburbs. Initially named emergency States, the quartet quickly changed its name into Artifact.

Several sessions studio, many pieces evolving/moving of punk basic with a music more experimental than some brought closer Pop Group, mixing funk, pop, punk and new wave, an experimental film (Crash landing) inspired by J.G. Ballard were born between 1977 and 1980.

It is only into 1981 that leaves the first and single album of the group, Agit' Pop, preceded by the 45 turns and its maximum, M.A.E.

Victim of internal tensions, the group dissolves then.

Official site of the Artifact group

Song 1


New Wave Podcast Songs 28B - Artifact

Song 2

Sex computer.mp3

New Wave Podcast Songs 28C - Artifact

Song 3


New Wave Podcast Songs 27C - 1000 Mexicans

Song Three

Under construction.mp3

New Wave Podcast Songs 27B - 1000 Mexicans

Song 2

Diving for pearls.mp3

New Wave Podcast Songs 27A - 1000 Mexicans

The Totally Gay MinuteMen Project did not stop 1000 Mexicans to be features in this New Wave Podcasts.

1000 Mexicans were one of the most innovative and creative independent bands of the 1980s, combining quality pop songwriting and rhythmic and harmonic richness with their unique touches of experimentalism and eccentricity.

Described by one journalist as "the musical equivalent of the 70s Dutch team with their total football", the trio of Julian Griffin, Michael Harding and Andrew Hobday exchanged vocal and instrumental duties at the drop of a sombrero, "mixing melody and mayhem in equal measure."

Song 1

The art of love.mp3

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

New Wave Podcast Songs 25A - Banned Videos from Klaus Nomi

I have recently uploaded some Music Videos from the 80's to the Online Video Sharing site But too my shock and dismayed YouTube had Rejected these two Live Music Videos from Klaus Nomi!?. WTF!! Why? As I Post this There Are 23 other Klaus Nomi Music Videos on Youtube right now on this site. So why banned these two??
Anywho Simple workaround I will just hosted these two Videos on my site and feature them on my
80 New Wave Podcast RSS Feed. Its as easy as that.

Video 1
David Bowie - Klaus Nomi - TVC15 & Boys Keep Swinging (snl, 1979).divx

New Wave Podcast Songs 25B - Banned Videos from Klaus Nomi

Video 2
Klaus Nomi - The Man Who Sold the World.divx

Sunday, June 04, 2006

New Wave Podcast Songs show #23C - Songs from Ween - Craters of the Sac

Song Three
Ween - The Pawns Of War.mp3

New Wave Podcast Songs show #23B - Songs from Ween - Craters of the Sac

Song Two
Ween - Makin' Love In The Gravy.mp3

New Wave Podcast Songs show #23A - Songs from Ween - Craters of the Sac

Craters of the Sac is a semi-official mp3-only album by Ween. Because Elektra Records stole Paintin' the Town Brown from Ween, which was to be their first online independent release, Dean Ween leaked the "album" to the Internet in 1999 to succor their fans and show them how much Ween appreciated them. Consisting entirely of almost colossally bizarre studio cuts that may never have even been intended for album release, it's less an actual album and almost more along the lines of a bootleg compilation.

Song 1
Ween - All That's Gold Will Turn....mp3

New Wave Podcast Songs show #22C - H2O

Song three
H2O - Who'll Stop The Rain.mp3

New Wave Podcast Songs show #22B - H2O

Song 2
H2O - I Dream To Sleep.mp3

New Wave Podcast Songs show #22A - H2O

The Scottish band H2O was infatuated with Spandau Ballet; one can hear it in the fervent baritone of vocalist Ian Donaldson and in the funky riffs of "Success" and "All That Glitters (Rusts in Time)" from H20's 1984 debut LP, Faith.

Song 1
H2O - Blue Diamond.mp3

Friday, May 12, 2006

New Wave Podcast Songs show #21A And Also the Trees

This Week Podcast Features Three songs from And Also the Trees

Song 1
And Also The Trees-02-Talk without words.mp3


by John Bush
From a rural village in Worcestershire, England, brothers Simon (vocals) and Justin Jones (guitar) formed And Also the Trees in 1979 with bassist Steven Burrows and drummer Nick Havas. In response to an ad by the Cure looking for support bands on their English tour, the Jones brothers sent a tape and ended up doing several dates and later an entire tour with Robert Smith and co. in 1981.
And Also the Trees still hadn't released any material at that point, so the Cure's Lol Tolhurst produced a single ("Shantell") and the band's eponymous debut album, released in February of 1984

New Wave Podcast Songs show #21B And Also the Trees

Song 2

And Also The Trees-03-Shrine.mp3

New Wave Podcast Songs show #21C And Also the Trees

Song 3

And Also The Trees-04-Midnight garden.mp3

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New Wave Podcast Songs show #20 NO Longest Song

This week podcast feature New Order (ok Stephen Morris and Peter Hook) longest studio ever recorded to date.

New Order - The Peter Saville Show Soundtrack.mp3

From wikipedia
The Peter Saville Show Soundtrack" is an EP released by New Order in 2003. It was released in order to celebrate the opening of a Peter Saville exhibition, which was shown in Manchester, England and New York City in the same year. This was a compact disc-only release, limited to 3000 copies. It was released by London Records with the catalogue number "SAVILLE1". Although the disc is credited to New Order, apparently only members Stephen Morris and Peter Hook were involved, as they got tired of waiting for Bernard Sumner to arrive at the studio.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

New Wave Podcast Songs show #19c Option 30

Song 3
Cover of Ice House - Ice House
Option 30 - Ice House.mp3

New Wave Podcast Songs show #19b Option 30

Song 2
Cover of Falco - Der Kommissar
Option 30 - Der Kommissar.mp3

New Wave Podcast Songs show #19 Option 30

This week Podcast Features Option 30
Song 1

Cover of The Thompson Twins - Lies

Option 30 - Lies.mp3

From Wikipedia

Option 30 was a New Wave band from the 1980s, in which Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails played the keyboard and supplied lead vocals. The band also featured Tim Smith (guitars/vocals), Jim Nordstrom (bass/saxophone) and Todd Nero (percussion).

Option 30's style is similar to Falco and early albums by The Police. The band managed to record a demo (see below) before Trent Reznor left for The Innocent, Exotic Birds and finally, his own band, Nine Inch Nails. The demo was then shelved until after the explosive success of Nine Inch Nails' album The Downward Spiral, when it was finally re-released.

Monday, February 13, 2006

New Wave Outpost Message Board - It time to share some rare duran duran songs

New Wave Outpost Message Board - It time to share some rare duran duran songs


Here great live version of "Secret Oktober" from 1990


Duran Duran - A Matter of Feeling (Demo- Andy Taylor on vocals).mp3

Duran Durun - Anything for You (Lost Notorious Demo).mp3

Duran Duran - Bomb Capital Chill Demo.mp3

Duran Duran - Money On Your Side (Liberty Demo).mp3

Duran Duran - Take it to Me (Notorious Demo).mp3

My Family.mp3

follow in my footsteps.mp3 - Simon goes new age on this one.

greylady.mp3 -another simon solo tune

Lonely Business (Demo)1.mp3

matter of fact.mp3

Duran Duran - Seven And Rapid Tiger.mp3
Yes this song sounds like it record on cassette recorder from radio shack and 5th generation dub with the full glory of tape hiss. this the only version I know of that is floating around the net.

that it for todays duran duran upload.