Friday, May 12, 2006

New Wave Podcast Songs show #21A And Also the Trees

This Week Podcast Features Three songs from And Also the Trees

Song 1
And Also The Trees-02-Talk without words.mp3


by John Bush
From a rural village in Worcestershire, England, brothers Simon (vocals) and Justin Jones (guitar) formed And Also the Trees in 1979 with bassist Steven Burrows and drummer Nick Havas. In response to an ad by the Cure looking for support bands on their English tour, the Jones brothers sent a tape and ended up doing several dates and later an entire tour with Robert Smith and co. in 1981.
And Also the Trees still hadn't released any material at that point, so the Cure's Lol Tolhurst produced a single ("Shantell") and the band's eponymous debut album, released in February of 1984

New Wave Podcast Songs show #21B And Also the Trees

Song 2

And Also The Trees-03-Shrine.mp3

New Wave Podcast Songs show #21C And Also the Trees

Song 3

And Also The Trees-04-Midnight garden.mp3

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New Wave Podcast Songs show #20 NO Longest Song

This week podcast feature New Order (ok Stephen Morris and Peter Hook) longest studio ever recorded to date.

New Order - The Peter Saville Show Soundtrack.mp3

From wikipedia
The Peter Saville Show Soundtrack" is an EP released by New Order in 2003. It was released in order to celebrate the opening of a Peter Saville exhibition, which was shown in Manchester, England and New York City in the same year. This was a compact disc-only release, limited to 3000 copies. It was released by London Records with the catalogue number "SAVILLE1". Although the disc is credited to New Order, apparently only members Stephen Morris and Peter Hook were involved, as they got tired of waiting for Bernard Sumner to arrive at the studio.