Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Records - Smashes Crashes and Near Misses

For a Limit time Only here is The Records - Smashes Crashes and Near Misses in Flac
1. Starry Eyes
2. Girl in Golden Disc
3. Teenarama
4. Up All Night
5. I Don't Remember Your Name
6. Girls That Don't Exist
7. Hearts Will Be Broken
8. All Messed Up and Ready to Go
9. Hearts in Her Eyes
10. Girl
11. Spent a Week With You Last Night
12. Held up High
13. Rumour Sets the Woods Alight
14. Same Mistakes
15. Selfish Love
16. Not So Much the Time
17. Affection Rejected
18. Paint Her Face
19. Imitation Jewellery
20. Rock and Roll Love Letter


NewRo said...

Thanks for the up! I'm downloading it now. It's a ginormous file size. Must be a high bit rate. Thanks again.

Eduard said...

Now this is great stuff ... Any chance we might be able to download the tickets as well? :)