Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New Wave Podcast Songs 26A - Accident Killed the Bee Gees

Its No Accident - This Weeks New Wave Podcast Features Accident - Killed the Bee Gees from the year 1979
Ripping Punk/Pop from 1979 by these Bellinghamsters. Includes their cult favorite single "Kill The Bee Gees". Recommended by Maximum RocknRoll magazine.

YOu can Buy The Accident No Romance For You Here
Song 1

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macclad said...

You cut off the first few seconds. You should re-digitize it. It says, "Is everybody around here (then the mp3 you have takes over) REALLY a bunch of wimps?" to parody
the opening of the Nazi Training Camp EP by DOA I believe.... They were originally called The Look, and obviously a girl singer, but the single cover doesn't show that. She was quite cute, as I recall. They played late in the summer of '79 downstairs at the Long Goodbye, NW 10th and Everett, in Portland. Never saw or heard from 'em again. They were good tho!