Wednesday, June 21, 2006

New Wave Podcast Songs 25A - Banned Videos from Klaus Nomi

I have recently uploaded some Music Videos from the 80's to the Online Video Sharing site But too my shock and dismayed YouTube had Rejected these two Live Music Videos from Klaus Nomi!?. WTF!! Why? As I Post this There Are 23 other Klaus Nomi Music Videos on Youtube right now on this site. So why banned these two??
Anywho Simple workaround I will just hosted these two Videos on my site and feature them on my
80 New Wave Podcast RSS Feed. Its as easy as that.

Video 1
David Bowie - Klaus Nomi - TVC15 & Boys Keep Swinging (snl, 1979).divx


NomadOfNorad said...

There seem to be a number of song links from this your site that are broken. "The page you are looking for is not here" type of thing. And, of course, Mostly external links to other songs, from about the end of last year and earlier this year. The Wierd Al Christmas song also seems to be missing. And one of the links in another month ("Another Boring Day in the Amazon") actually points to the wrong song.

Song 25A right here seems to be missing as well.

Has someone been sneaking in behind your back and sabotaging you? :-D

Check all your faucets, you might have a gremlin! :^D

NomadOfNorad said...

Urk! Never try to post at 1am! My message got a little garbled there.

That, or maybe the gremlins got to it.

Remember, boys and girls, NEVER feed a mogwai after midnight! :-D